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Download VoiceDial For Mac 1.0.1

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Download voice dial for mac 1.0.1 full
36 downloads·Added on: July 31, 2019·Manufacturer: Grandstream


Download VoiceDial For Mac 1.0.1

- Supported configuring 2 Access Password to control the same GDS System Number and both softkeys to open each door according. [CONTROL BOTH GDS DOORS]
- Supported Zoom Mode from LCD -> Settings -> Display. If enabled, the font and icon will become larger.
- Supported Wi-Fi band selection from web UI-> Network Settings -> WiFi Settings.
- Added P-value for 802.1X certificate.
- Supported HDMI audio enable/disable switch under LCD -> Settings -> Sound. Needs HDMI cabled connected to device.
- Disabled tips display from Programmable Key app.
- Updated some LCD strings.
- Removed Conference app from application management settings.
- Added Backup and Recover. [BACKUP & RESTORE]
- Removed “Power button instantly locks” setting from Setting -> Basic -> Security settings -> Screen lock Password style.
- Supported choosing “#” button as dial or redial function separately. [POUND KEY FUNCTION]
- Supported Broadsoft IM&P service.
- Supported MAC header in SIP REGISTER for 3CX hot desking feature. [USE MAC HEADER]
- Supported direct or quick IP call, and paging call mode selection in dialpad. [CALL MODE]
- Supported apply all available config files. [APPLY MULTIPLE CONFIG]
- Supported configuring the font size on LCD through P-value. [ADJUST FONT SIZE]
- Supported EEE (Energy-Efficient Ethernet) mode. [EEE MODE]

Download voice dial for mac 1.0.1 torrent


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Download VoiceDial For Mac 1.0.1

Download Grandstream GXP1780 IP Phone Firmware Beta (VoIP). See full list on

- Fixed device cannot decode MJPEG stream when using Baudisch door system.
- Fixed device displays “Unknown” icon when plugging USB repeatedly.
- Fixed device allows editing QoS information after LLDP with specific VLAN is enabled.
- Fixed device cannot save PC Port Mode from web UI.
- Fixed device line bar display issue when auto previewing an incoming video call.
- Fixed device interfaces are closed when disable video from presentation.
- Fixed device No Key Entry Timeout does not work when adding a contact from dialing interface.
- Fixed some file display issues in FileManager.
- Fixed device has distorted audio when answering from Call Queue on 3CX platform.
- Fixed device cannot trigger MJPEG stream when used with authentication.
- Fixed device cannot add more member after switching programmable key mode from speed dial to speed conference.
- Fixed device would list the number in Missed call after transferring the call via BLF key.
- Fixed device cannot store taken pictures to use them for app Avatar.
- Fixed some Contact app issues.
- Fixed voicemail app would stop when switched from a video conference call.
- Fixed call history error after the device is attended transferred.
- Fixed device storage status error.
- Fixed user can use search bar to access admin settings on web UI.
- Fixed device call forward when no answer time out setting does not work when set to number within 101 and 120.
- Fixed device cannot rename the Display Name for an existed DTMF button under web UI Value-added Service.
- Fixed some issues in SMS app.
- Fixed device cannot send video stream in Baudisch system video call.
- Fixed device cannot use active account to dial out after the assigned account is deactivated.
- Fixed device Bluetooth connected to cellphone with headset mode would display “System Management Stops Running” pops up.
- Fixed File Manger folder display issue after renaming it.
- Fixed device contact export has extra icon issue.
- Fixed device mis-configures the settings under Phone Settings -> Call Settings after saving changes.
- Fixed GS Market stops operating when installing Teams app.
- Fixed Contact app updates contact from blacklist is not consistent in Favorite and Local Contacts.
- Fixed Programmable Key is not editable after Page 4.

Download Voice Dial For Mac 1.0.1 Pro

About VoIP Phone Updates:

Firmware updates for VoIP Phones are very important as they usually contain many bug fixes, add new features and updates, as well as add additional security features.
One of the main problems users come across when attempting to upgrade their VoIP Phone is that their device may be locked to a certain Carrier. Adding an unlocked version of the firmware may cause the device to stop working on certain networks. This operation may void your carrier warranty and, as such, is not recommended.
Before downloading, make sure that you have selected the appropriate firmware for your device and that the update supports the VoIP service provider you use.
Generally, it is important to upgrade older firmware in sequence (v1 to v2 to v3) and so on, because many manufacturers don't launch standalone update packages.
Although using beta release firmware packages is tempting, it can prove to be quite risky as well. If you choose to try beta release updates, please read the detailed firmware notes and make sure that you have the possibility to revert to an older and more stable version in case the beta turns out faulty.
If you feel that this update can improve the functionality of your VoIP Phone, please use the download button and follow the installation instructions.

Download Voice Dial For Mac 1.0.1

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.
Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

Download Voice Dial For Mac 1.0.1 Software

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