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Download Visual Metronome For Mac 2.2

  1. Download Visual Metronome For Mac 2.2 Software
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We are excited to announce that IM will be introducing core:tx ® neuro to market December 1, 2007. Read about this exciting new product below:

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core:tx ® is a new performance based feedback system designed to facilitate somatosensory (proprioception) awareness and stimulate motor control and planning of almost any part of the body.


The core:tx ® is a software and hardware system that interfaces with a patient, giving him or her real time information based on the position and movement of selected joints in space. At the same time this system provides the clinician with valuable objective data on the patient’s performance and abilities.

Over the years, Occupational and Physical Therapists have been trying to find new ways to treat neuro-muscular deficits. The core:tx ® is designed for patients suffering from neurological disorders that respond well to the game like programs.

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By providing multi-sensory feedback based on movement quality, therapists may be able to maximize the performance-based feedback and repetition to establish and reinforce new or existing motor patterns.

Download Visual Metronome For Mac 2.2 Software

These neuro-muscular patterns form an important part in stroke rehab, peripheral motor control training and muscular imbalance training.

Stroke Rehab:
The core:tx ® provides an environment where the patient interacts with the program forcing them to make constant adjustments that facilitate the communication and problem solving needed to develop new motor pathways. By providing multi-sensory feedback based on his or her performance and the ability to practice functional movements, the potential for neuroplasticity is enhanced.

Motor Control:
In the absence or limitation of motor control, the visual and auditory information provided by the core:tx ® assists the patient in making real time adjustments that help retrain the brain and peripheral joint receptors. By improving the efficacy of these and other receptors (somatosensory receptors), the patient learns how to control the affected joint and muscles with greater accuracy.

Joint Stability (Muscular Balance):
The core:tx ® provides the patient the opportunity to engage muscles in response to the visual and auditory feedback provided by the program. By incorporating somatosensory information the patient learns how to control muscle initiation and intensity. Thus developing functional muscle balance and stability around one or multiple joints

What makes the Core:Tx ® Different?

The Core:Tx ® has a unique game like format of feedback offers the following benefits:

Download Visual Metronome For Mac 2.2 Free

  • The ability to measure and track functional range of motion. As well as measure the quality of functional motor control
  • It provides an environment where the patient is cognitively involved.
  • It keeps the patient engaged and motivated through many repetitions.
  • It provides real time audio and visual feedback that can compensate for a potential lack in other feedback (proprioception) needed for motor learning.
  • Ease of use and versatility allow the therapist to simulate and measure the patient’s ability to perform functional movements.

Who will benefit from Core:Tx ® treatment?

The patients that would benefit from the Core:Tx ® treatment program can be divided into three separate groups.

  1. Central Nervous System Damage
    1. Stroke
    2. Traumatic Brain Injury
    3. Other Central Nervous System impairments (tumors, MS, etc.)
  1. Loss of Motor Control
    1. Traumatic Nerve Damage
    2. Compression Nerve Damage
    3. Peripheral Neuropathy
    4. Loss of Proprioception due to Injury or Joint Replacement
  1. Joint Stability Disorders
    1. Post Surgical Muscle Imbalance
    2. Muscle Imbalance due to Injury

The Core:Tx ® is versatile with 14 pre-selected movements and the ability to add any new movements of functional motor patterns that can be used to facilitate neuro-muscular control and carry-over to functional task performance and at the same time measure this progression.


Look for more information about core:tx ® in a feature eNews later this month. Details on ordering information will be included.