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Download Sync For Mac 2.0.18

New Features

Download Sync For Mac 2.0.18
  • Disable USB Mute Sync communication with software codec platforms


  • Improved gain, audio routing, and EQ contour settings when using the Designer “Optimize” feature with P300 and Shure microphones
  • Bug fixes

2.0.18 (macOS) (2021/10/29)¶ Add support for macOS 12; 2.0.18 (Windows) (2021/10/26)¶ Improve library loading speed on restart; 2.0.17 (2021/09/30)¶ Win Fix unable to rename libraries Win Avoid repetitively removing and re-downloading libraries in some rare cases Win Add notification when all libraries are loaded on restart. On build number 0902 and higher you can sync contacts and calendar with Outlook for Mac 2016 but first you need to add the account to Outlook. See Add an email account to Outlook for instructions. Known issues syncing Google accounts to the Microsoft Cloud. Sync your Google account to the Microsoft Cloud.

Known Issues

  • Shure Audio Encryption is not backwards compatible; all devices must be on version 4.1+ firmware to use this feature
  • P300 Shure Audio Encryption sometimes has brief crackling sound on audio after muting
  • Shure Update Utility and Designer may not allow downgrading of new P300s shipped with 4.2.7 or higher due to a platform update to support future functionality and USB improvements
  • P300s with firmware 4.3 require Designer versions 4.3 and higher and will NOT be supported in Designer versions 4.2.1 and earlier.
  • P300 firmware periodically add new properties. The P300 may become undiscoverable if downgrading to firmware without the new properties and may need a factory reset to become discoverable.
  • When attempting to load the device’s web page after using SUU to upgrade or downgrade between MXA 4.3 and earlier releases, the browser may appear to be stuck on the “Loading” screen with the progress bar continually moving. This will typically happen if two upgrades or downgrades are performed within a one-hour period.
    • Workaround: hold your Shift key and click the Refresh button in your browser (or press Ctrl+Shift+R [Win]/Ctrl+F5 [Win]/Cmd+Shift+R [Mac]; note the keyboard shortcut doesn't work on Safari)


  • To operate this version of P300-IMX with Dante Controller, reference the following minimum versions:
    • v3.10.2.4 (Windows)
    • v3.10.2.3 (macOS)
  • To operate this version of P300-IMX with Microsoft Teams, reference the following minimum versions:
    • Microsoft Teams Desktop:
    • Microsoft Teams Rooms:
  • To operate this version of P300-IMX with other Shure networked systems, reference the following list of minimum versions supported:
    • Designer 4.6.0
    • ANI22/ANI4IN/ANI4OUT 4.6.6
    • ANIUSB-MATRIX 4.6.7
    • MXA310 4.6.3
    • MXA910 4.6.6
    • MXA710 1.4.2
    • MXN5-C 1.4.3
    • MXA-MUTE 1.4.4
    • Microflex Wireless 9.0.4
    • Shure Update Utility 2.6.1
    • Shure Web Device Discovery 1.2.17
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Download Sync For Mac

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