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Doom 3. Half-Life 2. F.E.A.R. All cream of the shooter crop (we hope, at least), but all with the same template of running, gunning, sneaking and shooting. Welcome back then, to the Chernobyl forbidden zone - the place where the accustomed FPS routines have been dissected, placed in petri-dishes and exposed to doses of radiation. A place where the FPS has mutated into a vast free-roaming adventure of unscripted events and Al-imposed action - should developer GSC Gameworld fulfil its lofty ambition.

Download Stalker For Mac

With a release date promised for September, it's slightly worrying that these screens show little that wasn't in the code that ZONE played back in February. However, what they do show is all manner of DX9 effects (impressive shadows, muzzle-flashes and the like) that've been jammed into the forbidden zone's already impressive engine. We might be womed about a slip, but if Stalker turns into the blueprint that GSC Gameworld has proposed, you could well be looking at stills of a game that's due to become an emblem of the exact reasons why you became a PC gamer. That's a big if and it might take a while to get here, but here's hoping...

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  • Gratuito il download del software Per Mac::: Stalker offre diversi strumenti per aiutare a gestire i vostri investimenti azionari Da una lista di controllo semplice che aggiorna ogni due minuti a calcolatori che consentono di determinare i prezzi che si desidera acquistare e vendere le vostre.
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Download Stalker For Mac Game

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Download Stalker For Mac Free


Download Stalker For Mac Full

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