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Download Space Wars 3D For Mac 1.5

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Space Commander is inspired by famous space travel movies in the world. Players can explore the vast universe with many unknown civilizations and mysteries. The gameplay sets up a fantasy setting where humans rule and govern most of the planets in the solar system. Participating in the gameplay, the player will transform into an astronaut and perform assigned system tasks. Specifically, your mission is to trade space. Sell ​​weapons, bombers, fighter planes, etc. For space wars to get rich. If you earn enough money, you can buy your own space stations. And build a modum to explore the darkest corners of the galaxy. Not only that, players will have to face fierce battles between evil forces. It is your duty to stop the attacks on spaceships, avoid causing economic damage to humanity.

Download Space Commander Mod – Join the space battle

Space Commander Mod is a shooting game in space. But the requirement is to have an intelligent brain, handle agile, transformative situations. The battles in this gameplay bring together all of humanity’s most advanced, heavy weapons. With the participation of modern and powerful aircraft. Players have the opportunity to experience fierce, dramatic battles in space, which have never been seen before. In addition, you can build yourself a fleet that gathers all kinds of combat weapons, specialized aircraft, etc. To be able to carry out the intended plans. Customize and upgrade your ship to be ready to fight the enemy. Practice every day to improve your ship control skills and gain experience to easily fight in the vast galaxy.

Master the ship

Download Space Wars 3D For Mac 1.5

3d Modeling For Mac

Spacecraft is a great invention of mankind. If in real life, people will lose a huge amount of money to be able to experience it to fly in space. But coming to Space Commander Mod you will own a ship and have full control over it. Players can choose from aircraft with fast combat engines, heavy bombers, and large transport aircraft. To increase the combat ability of the ship. Control the virtual keys on the screen masterfully to adjust the ship to your liking. It takes careful and thorough preparation to destroy other warships easily.

Various missions

When participating in Space Commander Mod you will receive a message with instructions on how to play and how to contact for help when needed. First, you have a mission to act with Delta Merc. Then have the opportunity to join the special warrior team. Or you can choose for yourself a lighter job. It is associated with Motus to make large profitable trades. Or do special missions with Syndicate. Become a pirate, attack ships in space. No matter which side you work on, players should collect reputation points to continue to perform more profitable challenges and missions.

Become a space trader

Players will build a fleet to conquer the delivery system challenge. Simultaneously managed and used fuel. You can sell to other warships and make a huge profit. When you have enough money, you can unlock the space stations you want. In addition, players will explore the different star systems created by this gameplay expansion module.

Graphics and sounds of the game

Download Space Wars 3D For Mac 1.5

Space Commander Mod is designed by the publisher in the form of 3D graphics, so it is extremely sharp and realistic. For players to have the best experience when participating in gameplay. Every detail in the game is built very meticulously. The image is quite gloomy to show the scene in space in the most realistic way. Diverse sounds combined with soothing background music keep players entertained and stimulate their curiosity. Help players visualize the vast, endless space of the universe.

Space Commander will take players to travel around the universe, discover new and interesting things. The universe always hides many mysteries that people always want to access and understand more about. Therefore, the gameplay has taken this theme to give players access to the science of civilization in outer space. But in reality, it is very rare to have the opportunity to experience it. In particular, players can show their talent for controlling spaceships as well as an expert with knowledge and understanding of it. Download Space Commander Mod to become an astronaut and participate in fierce battles in space.


1.5.9on Android


Download Space Wars 3D for Mac 1.5

Go in pursuit of space bandits

Space Marshals 2 – the protagonist of this Android Thriller Sheriff Barton is the current division of space security. He is a dashing hunter of offenders of all kinds and races, and dexterous hands and a competent tactician. Character admirably with its mandated functions, – under the direction of Barton different galaxy began to feel calmer, stealing a cosmic currency has gone 'in there', and between planets improved honest trade and diplomatic relations. But in some places still, none of the villains, kidnapping hostages for ransom…


Space Marshals 2 – fascinating shooter with a view from the top, successfully combining the atmosphere of the Wild West and sci-Fi storytelling. It would seem, Arsenal of characters consists of space blasters and gadgets of the future, however, it manages all the regular Sheriff, as if came to us from a Western movie. Curious metamorphosis not only affect the overall atmosphere – users have two choices for passing any of the numerous areas and locations: silent move, quietly eliminating enemies, or go ahead, whenever using firearms Arsenal.

Project Space Marshals 2 from the Studio Pixelbite literally fascinates gamers is beautifully decorated and elaborately re-created scenery, attracts high-quality graphics and surprising huge gameplay possibilities. In addition, the authors did not forget about the importance of believable physical behaviors of the characters – realistic fly off enemies from getting high-caliber bullets, and the character masterfully uses whenever natural and artificial shelter, trying to, once again not to be substituted under the fire villains, often 'crawl' at locations like cockroaches.


Package name
GenreAction games
RequirementsAndroid 4.3 +
Devicesfor phone, for tablet

Download Space Wars 3d For Mac 1.5.2

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Download Space Wars 3d For Mac 1.5 Free

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