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Download SmoothCursor For Mac 2.6.4

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  3. Download Smooth Cursor For Mac 2.6.4 Download
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e0a7c30Cursors for mac

SmoothCursor 2.6.2 (build 242) August 27, 2018. ENHANCED Updated all external URLs to use secure protocol (https.) SmoothCursor 2.6.1 (build 239) January 30, 2016. FIXED Fixed a security vulnerability involving the Sparkle Updater (VulnSec.) SmoothCursor 2.6 (build 237) March 16, 2015. Download Prototype Latest stable version. Download SuperDuper! SuperDuper is an advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program. Download SmoothCursor Version 2.6.4 (version history) — OS X 10.7+ required. Hard Silver Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad Mat Smooth Magic Ultra Thin Double Side Mouse Mat Waterproof Fast and Accurate Control for Gaming and Office(Small 9.05X7.08 Inch) 4.4 out of 5 stars 3,302 $12.99 $ 12. 99 $14.99 $14.99. Download gta 4 free social advice Mac users interested in Download gta 4 free generally download: SSF2 11.4 Free. This latest release of SSF2 is packed with content updates to make the game feel a lot more like an extension of the real Smash series. Grand Theft Auto 3 1.5.

Custom Cursor For Mac

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Download SmoothCursor For Mac 2.6.4
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Download SmoothCursor For Mac 2.6.4

Since the last release there have been 7 commit(s). The descriptions for the first (at most) 10 of these are as follows

Mac Mouse Cursor Download For Windows 10

  • Bump version to 2.4.2
  • Sync git submodules
  • Optimize I2C controller (#294)
  • Remove extra retain introduced by a merge conflict fix
  • Merge pull request #295 from blankmac/master
  • Ensure the stylus check is set to zero on start.
  • Correct issue with touchscreens requiring an additional finger for multitouch gestures. This was due to the device presenting a stylus at transducer 0. A simple check prior to sending the message to VoodooInput eliminates the problem. The stylus check in VoodooInput should be removed as unnecessary.
  • VoodooI2CELAN has polling support, thanks @EmotionalLove and @artem-tverdokhlebov
  • Smooth cursor support thanks @Erictoby and @hieplpvip
  • Various fixes within VoodooI2CHID and VoodooGPIO regarding interrupts and sleep/wake issues, thanks @Goshin

Download Smooth Cursor For Mac 2.6.4 Download



Mac Os X Cursor Download

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  • VoodooI2C-Debug-Symbols-2.4.2.zip926 KB