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Download SendIT For Mac 3.8.8

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sendITt is one of the best software purchases our office has ever made -- it's that good.Our office uses a postage meter with an attached scale. It's easy to weigh a mail piece and manually input the weight and other required info into sendIT, have the program calculate the postage from a menu of mailing options, and then print out the label, complete with delivery confirmation info, from our laser printer.We then just paste the printed label on the mail piece with a glue stick, stick on the postage meter label with the correct postage, drop the piece in the mail, and DONE. Tracking info is saved automatically.No more time consuming trips to the Post Office just because we need delivery confirmation for a mailing piece.The resulting postage savings are a nice bonus.We also use the address confirmation feature of the sendIT quite a bit -- it's easier than looking up the same info on the Post Office site. We were just about ready to look into installing a Windows component into our all Mac office -- so that we could use the USPS online delivery confirmation services without having to go to the Post Office -- when we came across sendIT. Our 20-year record of never using Windows in our office can remain unblemished. Thanks!

Download SendIT For Mac 3.8.8 Torrent

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Download SendIT For Mac 3.8.8 Version


Download SendIT For Mac 3.8.8 Pc

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