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Download Privacy Cleaner For Mac 1.3

Below are the major parts of iMyMac Mac Cleaner:
System Status
It's like a dashboard on the main screen that gives you a report on what is the current status of your mac, as well as the used storage, remaining storage, battery state and the internet speed of your upload and download.
System Junk
It can show you all of the files that you need to get rid, such as cache, logs, trash, broken software etc.
Photo Cache
It can sweep your photo cache in just few clicks away when you sync your iPhone or iPad photos on your Mac.
Mail Trash
It can clean up your Mail Junks such as Mail Attachments that you receive from different people, businesses or websites.
Trash Bin
When we move a file to Trash it will not be permanently deleted and pile up on our trash bin. Its acting like a garbage collector that takes all of your trash and say goodbye to them forever.
iTunes Junk
Junks from iTunes can be broken songs or temporary files that is generated by the iTunes whenever you do back up, installation or sync. It can look them up for you and remove them in just few seconds.
Duplicate Finder
It is inevitable to save some files that is already on your mac, it might be left unnoticed and this feature can detect the same files stored in different location.
Large and Old Files
Since iMyMac Mac Cleaner is highly organized that it sorts the file by date and size, it can also remove the old files that you might no longer need and large files thats taking too much space and unnecessary to keep.
Similar Image Finder
We have multiple photos in our library that are similar. This finder can locate the similar photos and will let you choose which ones to keep and which ones to delete to free up space in your library.
When you try to uninstall an application, some of them cannot be uninstalled easily, and you might successfully uninstall the app, but its files remain on your computer. The uninstaller can do all that in one go.
It can delete files forever.

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Download Privacy Cleaner For Mac 1.3

Cleaner For Mac Free

Cleaner is the ONLY all-in-one FREE App that offers Memory Optimization, Disk Cleaning and System Monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for the best performance. Cleaner provides an easy-to-use way to optimize the performance of your Mac! Last update 20 Jul. 2017 Licence Free OS Support Mac Downloads Total: 3,898 Last. Download iMyMac Mac Cleaner for Mac free. Clean up junks, delete apps, remove extentions to free up storage. Age of Empires 1.3.1 Civilization-building strategy game.