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Download Pritunl For Mac 1.2.2943.11

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Pritunl - Enterprise Distributed OpenVPN and IPsec Server. Pritunl is built with OpenVPN and any existing OpenVPN client can be used. IPsec is used for site-to-site links and VPC peering. All traffic between clients and the server is encrypted. Optional two-step authentication is available using Google Authenticator.

  • Pritunl 1.2.2943.11. User-friendly and well-put-together piece of software that allows you to effortlessly import, mana.
  • Auto-Update is a cloud-based service that integrates seamlessly with and Jamf Pro to provide fully automated application packaging, deployment and updating capabilities for the management of macOS devices.
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This article is outdated and may not work correctly for current operating systems or software.

Pritunl is VPN server software that is built on the OpenVPN protocol. This guide will show you how to setup the software and get it running on your Vultr VPS. It is written for Ubuntu 14.04 users.


Before we proceed, make sure that your server is updated. If not, then run the following commands.

If you have setup a firewall on your server, make sure the port and protocol we would be using for Pritunl is exempted.

443 is the port that Pritunl server uses to load the web interface. Older versions used port 9700. You should enter 'udp' as your protocol and any port number of your choice above. The method and commands can differ according to the firewall you are running.

Install Pritunl

Run the following command to open an editor, for which we will be adding a MongoDB apt source.


Add the following line to that file.

Download Pritunl for Mac 1.2.2943.11 version

Press Ctrl+X, then Enter to save the file. Now load the editor again for the Pritunl source.

Add the following line in it.

Again press Ctrl+X, then Enter to save it. Now add the public keys for the repositories.

Now to reload the sources.

Install the packages and start the Pritunl server.

Configure Pritunl

Now that the server is up and running, we need to setup and configure it for usage. Launch your web browser and visit https://<serverip>:443/. Replace <serverip> accordingly. You don't need to install any SSL certificates to access that site. Your browser will ask you to accept a self-signed certificate generated by Pritunl. It is safe to accept. Once you do that, you will be greeted a screen similar to the following.

It will list a default MongoDB URI. Just press 'Save' and move ahead. If you don't want Pritunl to use the MongoDB server on your VPS, you can provide a different URI now. One alternative would be to use Mongolab.

You will then be asked to login using the default username and password. Enter pritunl for both fields.

After that, proceed with the initial setup.

Change your default password and ignore the SMTP fields unless you have purchased a Pritunl license, in which case you need to fill out those fields as well.

After completing this step, go to the Users tab. To connect to Pritunl, you would need to create an organization and a user. So add an organization first, then add a user to the newly created organization.

Now go to the Servers tab and click on Add a server. You will see a screen similar to the following image.

Enter a name for your server. Use the protocol and port you selected earlier while configuring your firewall. Both values should be the same for the server to work. Now click 'Add' and proceed. Now click on Attach Organization to attach this server to the organization created earlier. Once this is done, click on Start Server.

This completes the configuration of your Pritunl VPN server.

Download Pritunl For Mac 1.2.2943.11 Torrent

You can connect to the server using any OpenVPN compatible software. Pritunl comes with its own clients for Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can use any of them.

Download Pritunl For Mac 1.2.2943.11 Pc

Finally, to get the configuration files for your OpenVPN client, go to the Users tab and select the link button to the right of the user. You will be given a link to download the configuration file.