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Download Panic Button For Mac 1.0

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Throw away that paper logbook...Gluco-Log is the ideal way to track blood sugars and insulin dosage!

Gluco-Log is designed to record the maximum amount of diabetes related data, requiring minimal effort and time. In addition, Gluco-Log accurately calculates and displays averages for test times, blood sugar readings and insulin dosage, for up to 8 daily events (breakfast, lunch, etc.,).

Panic Button App

Download APS Panic Button for iOS to.Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.APS allows alarm monitoring companies using SECURITHOR. Mac Classic 1.0 by Mark Learst Mac Classic color theme. UI Automation JavaScript Additions 1.0 by Panic Inc. Don't Panic's interface has two modes: a small window with a panic button and File, Tools, and Help menus; and a Panic Mode that minimizes the program to. 5) Restart your mac holding the Option key, and select that installer disk to boot your mac. 6) Use Disk Utility to reformat your internal drive as APFS. 7) Quit Disk Utility and start the installer. 8) When asked, choose to migrate content from 'another mac, time machine or drive'.

You can print a detailed report to present to your doctor using the included report templates and free TBViewer

Please Note: The Treo 600 is not supported at this time.


July 11/04

NEW IN VERSION 5.0This version requires minimum PalmOS 3.5(PalmOS 5.0 reccomended
  • Hi-res support for PalmOS 5.0+ devices
  • Full Screen/Landscape support for so enabled devices (Tungsten T3, Sony NX series, etc.)
  • Table now displays data similarly to a traditional logbook ? easier to see/address trends in blood sugars
  • Table scroll up/down & left/right
  • User choice of how data is viewed in table
  • Tap and hold icons for description
  • Date range filter for viewing, exporting, or deleting data
  • Improved Carb counter(calculator)
  • New fields added: weight, pulse
  • User defined startup form (registered users only)
  • Demo version changed from 50 records to 30 days

Nov. 24/03

NEW IN VERSION 4.0(This version requires minimum PalmOS 3.5)
  • main screen now displays averages for: blood sugar, time of test, and insulin dosage
  • NEW fields added to record blood pressure, carbohydrates, and medication
  • Comparecurrent blood sugar to other similar readings, within a user selected range, and further compare those results to within a 60 minute range
  • new printable reports, including one filtered by event (breakfast, lunch, etc.)
  • updated .csv export fields:date, time, event, blood sugar, dosage, Insulin 1, dosage, Insulin 2, meds, blood pressure, carbs, health, activity, details

Nov. 24/03

NEW IN VERSION 3.2 Download
  • This is essentially a bug fix, correcting the error generated when attempting to view the icon screen in v.3.1. This version is continued for those users not wishing the extra functionality of v.4.0 and for devices running less than PalmOS 3.5

June 12/03

  • now enter ALL data on 1 form
  • 3 drop-down categories: Health, Activity, and Food. Selected comments from these categories are automatically pasted in the comments field below
  • tap clipboard icon to copy selected text to the above categories
  • the words 'Glucose', 'Insulin 1', and 'Insulin 2' are actually buttons that activate a keypad, allowing easier entry of data

May 19/03

  • less cluttered screen - more records can be viewed at one time
  • ability to filter results by event and/or date range
  • NEW now runs on PalmOS 3.1 - PalmOS 5 devices *PalmOS 3.5 or higher recommended
  • alternating table row colors
  • record 2 insulin types/dosage per record
  • separate fields for activity, health, and notes
  • now ONLY ONE file to install!
  • conversion from mg/dl to mmol/L and back
  • 'Panic Button' now records **Low Bloodsugar** and powers off device
  • glucose records sorted automatically by most recent.
  • view glucose averages directly from the list of glucose results, instead of going to a different screen.
  • all drop down menus now directly editable.
  • NEW drop down menu to record 'health factors', such as activity level, illness, etc.
  • enter readings and make notes all on 1 form - scrollbar added for notes
  • PANIC BUTTON!!...this automatically records the current date & time, enters a 'Low Blood Sugar' reading, and closes the program for you. You can add notes to this record later if you wish.
  • as with Gluco-Log v.1.0, a report writer (TBReports) is included. (pc users only)
  • for both Mac and pc users, export records in .csv or .doc format (registered version)
  • new icons, and in color
  • easier installation!

unregistered version is limited to 30 days in v.5.0; 50 records in v.3.2 & v.4.0.

Panic Button is an Android application that lets you set up a security group based on text messages.

Download Panic Button For Mac 1.0 Windows 10


Download Panic Button For Mac 1.0 File

From your contact list select those you want to be part of your safety net. As we know that in an emergency the reaction time is crucial, we have implemented an easy and quick to launch an alert to your network of contacts. Although this application is not visible or the phone is off screen, just press 5 or more times the power button on your phone to activate the alarm. Likewise, if the application is open at the time, you can press the panic button to execute the same action.

Download Panic Button For Mac 1.0 Pro

If the person receiving the alarm text messages DOES NOT have the application installed, you simply receive an SMS alert with the coordinates of the person who needs your help, but if you also have installed the application you will hear a continuous alarm audio that will identify immediately panic. For disabling the alarm should enter the application and cancel the alarm.