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Levenshtein edit distance library

Project description

Levenshtein edit distance library for Python, Apache-licensed.Written by Lars Buitinck, Netherlands eScience Center, with contributionsfrom Isaac Sijaranamual, University of Amsterdam.

Performs distance computations on either byte strings or Unicode codepoints.


Make sure you have Cython and a C++ compiler installed:


Installing a C++ compiler is so platform-dependent that I won’t showinstructions. Consult your package manager.


To run the tests, but not to actually use leven, you need six and Nose.

About the implementation

The core algorithms have been implemented in C++. I used this instead of Cto get templates, easier memory management and a better standard library,so the C++ code probably looks C-ish.



  • Implement Ukkonen’s algorithm for bounded Levenshtein distance
  • Implement Levenshtein automata for fast neighbor search in string spaces
  • Implement weighted Levenshtein distance

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