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Download NewsNose For Mac 1.0b4

Download NewsNose For Mac 1.0b4
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OSD is for 'On Screen Display', basically, it's what appears temporarily in your TV when you switch channel or change the volume. It's a way if displaying 'passive' information that doesn't necessarily require all of your attention, doesn't need a specific log, but which is nice to know anyway if you happen to look in that direction.LanOSD can also forms a network with it's other LanOSD friends running in other machines close by, and decide which one(s) are supposed to display messages. Each machine has a priority, and the machines that have the highest priority at any given time displays the messages.LanOSD is Scriptable, so you can integrate easily in all your scripts and procedures. Also provided is a command line tool that will work even if your procedure is in a cron job, for example.

Download NewsNose For Mac 1.0b4 Free

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Platforms: Mac
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Download NewsNose For Mac 1.0b4 Pro

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