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Download Neck Diagrams For Mac 2.0.3

OpenTerminal Editor's Review

Download Neck Diagrams For Mac 2.0.3Mac

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Open Terminal is an application that improves working with the Terminal application.
When you work with a Mac, you find certain actions that require the use of the Terminal, and then climbing up the whole directory structure isn't the happiest option. This happens because the Terminal targets your home directory. For
This package has a couple of major items, such as the Open Terminal application and a plugin for Finder's contextual menu. Both of these tools are useful for your regular activities. The plugin for Finder is easy to install and it adds a new item at the bottom of the menu.
This program is called, very suggestively, 'Open Terminal'. When using this program, the Terminal is opened and the plugin gives the Terminal the 'cd' command to that directory. At the very least, 'read' rights are required in order to access that directory or the operation fails and the Terminal remains on the home directory.
The other element, the Open Terminal application, can be placed anywhere, so it can be accessed quickly. Locations similar to the Dock Menu are welcome. In this way, it is easy to drag-and-drop a folder from the Finder right onto Open Terminal's icon. It behaves in the same way the context menu plugin does, by climbing the whole directory structure to that folder.
Pluses: it gives you a faster way to access your directories with the Terminal.

Download Neck Diagrams For Mac 2.0.3 -

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Download Neck Diagrams For Mac 2.0.3 Download

this is a very useful application because typing the 'cd' command every time you want to work in a place that it's not your home directory, is just a time waste.
version reviewed: 2.0.2