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Download MOG For Mac 1.3.14

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Download MOG For Mac 1.3.14 Crack

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Download MOG For Mac 1.3.14 Full

Dec 22, 2011
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Download MOG For Mac 1.3.14
For those looking for a modified, modded, or patched odin that is a newer build than all the fake and renamed prince comsy 3.12.3 versions floating around.
I patch recent Odin versions to offer similar functionality to the princecomsy; in that it ignores both the sha256 fails and the model mismatches.
- Developed and successfully tested for my verizon samsung s8 g950u to g950u1 and combination firmware packages.
- Confirmed working on an unlocked S9+ g965U1 to VZW g965u
- additional confirmation: G950w from G950u
- able to flash T727R4 firmware to T727V
- confirmed working with S21 5G from G991U to G991U1
- flashed G998U VZW to G998U1 XAA
Ignores and bypasses the below stop conditions:
'FAIL! Model mismatch fail' (all PatcheD versions)
'FAIL! SHA256 is invalid' (all PatcheD versions)
'FAIL! Blocked carrier' (PatcheD versions >= 3.14.1)
Be careful flashing!
+20180313 - Added Stock odin 3.13.1 sourced from pedant87 / Added PatcheD odin v3.13.1
+20191211 - Added PatcheD v3.13.3 and original 3.13.3 for windows, Merry Christmas!
+2020???? - Added the only clean and original v3.14.1 for windows
+20200216 - Added ModdeD/PatcheD 3.14.1 for windows! Supports newer phone flashing methods. A new check method for a carrier flash halt has been removed!
Caution #1 - There are many stock/mod/patch copies floating around the internet with redirected links and other misleading claims and changes. The XDA links below are the only source for clean originals and the original 3B files.
Caution #2 - There is a hoax 3.14.4 version of odin floating about. It appears to be version 3.14.1; same filesize, has internal resource modifications to report newer than 3.14.1, and often includes a known cloud-based client-server communication dll (cpprest141_2_10.dll). I suggest that it be avoided. It adds no additional functionality over 3.14.1.
When you donate, and this work was helpful to you, do consider donating to this effort by using the DONATE HERE link. Thanks for your support!
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