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Download Mental Case Flashcards For Mac 1.9.4

Mental Case

Mental Case is a very useful tool in the educators arsenal. This program allows teachers to craft virtual note cards and then send them to students so they can practice vocabulary, facts, and other useful information. This allows students to know exactly what the teachers want them to know so quizes and tests can become very easy with the help of these flash cards. In the following videos you will learn how to create these flash cards on a Mac using the Mental Case program and then learn how to upload them to Dropbox, a free file sharing site, allowing students to grab them and practice these flash cards using the free classroom edition of Mental Case for the IPad, ITouch and IPhone. If your are not sure if this program would be helpful, do not worry, MentalCase for the Mac has a 30 day trial. If you wish to continue using it then the program will cost $15 dollars.

Note: This lesson could only be used on Apple products as there is no Mental Case for Windows.
Mental Case Lesson Part 1: Creating Flashcards on a Mac and exporting them to Dropbox.
Programs needed: Mental Case download

Mental Case Lesson Part 2: Linking the IPad, ITouch or IPhone to Dropbox and importing the flashcards.
Apps needed: Mental Case Classroom Edition download
Each part is broken down into six simple steps using ScreenChomp on the IPad.

Just like that, students will be able to grab any future vocabulary updates by downloading it through Dropbox and importing it into Mental Case

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Mental Case


Mental case migration. Studies is the next generation of the app Mental Case.If you have been using Mental Case on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can get a 30% discount by downloading Studies from this web site, and using the coupon MCUPGRADE (not available in Mac App Store).

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Description: The Mental Faculty Mental Case Flashcards 13312 KB Education Teaching Tools 1.9.4 Mental Case Flashcards Mental Case FlashcardsMental Case is 'The Study App'. Combining traditional flashcards with the latest learning techniques, Mental Case can help get stuff into your head. All you need is a Mac, iPad, or iPhone/iPod touch. Mental Case Mac App Posted on by admin With this app, you can flag certain study cards as you study, migrate content from this app to the original Mental Case app with a single tap, and import files from a web server, online file sharing service, or sharing app such as Dropbox.