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Download MBOX Breaker For Mac 1.1

  1. Download Mbox Breaker For Mac 1.12
  2. Digidesign Mbox 1 Driver Download
  3. Mbox Software Download
  4. Mbox 1 Driver Windows 10
Karen Chard Modified: 27-10-2020 Cloud Backup 5 Minutes Reading

Use 1and1 Email backup tool which allows the users to instantly migrate email from 1&1 to Gmail, Office 365, or Outlook. The utility also allows to export 1&1 emails to Exchange Server, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, Rediffmail, as well save 1and1 emails as PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC, PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, etc. file formats. Learn here how to import and export e-mails directly from the 1&1 Webmail client step-by-step without making any loss in original information.

Download M-AUDIO Mbox Driver v.1.1.10 for Windows 10, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit. Download MakeMKV beta MakeMKV for Windows and Mac OS X is available for download below. MakeMKV for Linux is available on the forum page. MakeMKV 1.16.5 for Windows; Requires Windows XP or later, x86 or x64. MakeMKV 1.16.5 for Mac OS X; Requires x64 Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

1&1 Webmail gives you the option of exporting e-mails to your hard drive directly from the program as .EML files. You can also import e-mails back into your webmail client by simply dragging the file into your inbox from hard drive. Just follow these steps to extract emails from 1and1 Webmail account:

  1. Login to your 1and1 Mail account & click on Mail
  2. Choose the Inbox or any folder to locate the emails you want to Export.
  3. Select the Email which you want to export, click on Settings
  4. At last choose Save As file option which will collect emails as *.EML

The above method is best in case if a user has only a few files to download. It will also only download a message as EML file which is not a secured file format and email data can be easily distorted. But that’s not the case users are looking for. Let’s analyze a real time query:

How to Export Emails from 1&1 Mail to Office 365 or Outlook Webmail?

As we can see from above that a user can directly download or save email from 1&1 Webmail to local hard drive. But what in case if a user was looking for to make a backup of all the 1&1 Webmail including the folders. Let’s analyze a user’s query asked on a platform so called sitepoint Community:

Hi guys,

I have a client who wants to transfer his domain/hosting to me. He’s currently with 1and1 and using webmail to access his emails. He’ll obviously want to backup his emails before transferring over. Is there an easy way for him to do this from 1and1’s webmail? i.e. some sort of “export emails” button? My only idea is that he uses Outlook (he doesn’t have Outlook installed, so maybe an alternative?) and download all emails there. Any ideas?

  • Karl Bolton

From above we can conclude that users are looking for a transfer of complete data from 1and1 Webmail to Outlook which cannot be achieved by free manual way. One needed to use a professional 1&1 Webmail Backup & Migration toolkit that allows a user to easily migrate data from the server of 1&1 Webmail to Outlook, Office 365, Exchange Server, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra, Thunderbird,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Rediffmail, Lotus notes, etc. One such utility is Email Backup Tool which provides various file saving options for a user.

Free Download 1&1 Email Backup Tool from Below:

The working of the utility is very easy and simplified. A user only needed to follow these simple steps:

  1. Install & Run 1&1 Mail Migration Tool in Windows System.
  2. Choose 1&1 Mail option from list of 60+ Email Source list.
  3. Enter 1&1 Webmail account login credentials like email Id & password.
  4. Once you entered credentials click on Login button to proceed.
  5. The utility will instantly start fetching all 1&1 Mailbox items.
  6. Select any of the desired email client or file format from saving option list.
  7. Setup 1&1 email migration & backup options in application panel.
  8. Users can also perform selective backup of items using Advanced Filters.
  9. Once your setup all the options properly click on Backup button.
  10. Analyze the live conversion process in the application panel.

As we can see from above that the migration of 1&1 Mail to 20+ email clients and file formats can be easily done with the help of this single application. The working of the software is very easy & simplified and a large number of non-technical users can take the advantage of it for the backup of their 1and1 Webmail account including folders.

1&1 Mail Backup Tool – Major Features & Benefits:

This software gives a large number of advantages to its users regarding backup of 1&1 mailbox items to Hard drive in 20 saving options. One can easily download emails from 1and1 Mail Server to PDF, convert 1&1 Mail to PST, change 1&1 Mail to EML, 1&1 Mail to EMLX, import 1&1 Mail to Apple Mail, convert 1&1 Mail to MBOX file, Save 1&1 Mail emails as HTML, XPS, MHT, RTF etc.

Apart from it if a user wants to directly migrate mails of 1and1 account to major email clients and services then it is also a best choice for him. Anyone can easily migrate 1&1 Mail to Exchange Server, Transfer 1&1 Mail to Windows Live Mail, Import 1and1 Mail to Lotus Notes, 1and1 Mail to Zimbra Mail, Import 1&1 Mail to Thunderbird, Migrate 1&1 Mail to Office 365, Import 1&1 Mail to Gmail account, Transfer 1&1 Mail to G Suite or Google Apps, Migrate 1&1 Mail to, Upload 1&1 Mail to Yahoo Mail, Export 1&1 Mail to Rediffmail, or users can also do 1&1 to IMAP Migration.

The Verge: In this article we get to know about how can a user export emails from 1and1 webmail account to user desired saving format by providing 20+ resultant file saving formats. It is one of the advanced toolkits available in present time and race against the time by scrutinizing major benefits by its amazing specifications.


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Digidesign Hardware Supplied with System

  • Mbox 2
  • USB Cable (12')

Digidesign Software Compatibility

  • Pro Tools LE 7.0 and 7.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Pro Tools LE software will not work without Digidesign hardware connected
  • Pro Tools LE supports the use of any single supported Pro Tools LE audio interface. Simultaneous use of multiple Pro Tools LE hardware devices is not supported.

Included and Optional Plug-Ins:

Optional Software Bundles:

  • Music Production Toolkit
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 7.1 or higher
  • DV Toolkit 2
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 7.1 or higher
  • DV Toolkit
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 6.1 thru 7.0
    • Not supported with 7.1 and higher
Mbox 1 driver download

Optional Digidesign Hardware

  • MIDI I/O
  • PRE (For use as standalone microphone preamplifier. For remote control within Pro Tools, TDM hardware and software is required)

Download Mbox Breaker For Mac 1.12

Control Surfaces & MIDI Interfaces

  • Supported Hardware (Digidesign & Third Party)

Digidesign Mbox 1 Driver Download

Optional Digidesign & Avid Storage


  • Avid MediaDrive rS300/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDrive rS146/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDrive rS73/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDrive rS36/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Shuttle iS146/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Shuttle iS73/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Shuttle iS36/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock Dual
  • Avid MediaDock Dual+
  • DigiDrive MediaDock
  • DigiDrive SCSI Drives
  • SCSI-128 Kit
    • Includes ATTO ExpressPCI-UL3D
    • Qualified for up to 48 mono or 48 stereo tracks (48 tracks in PTLE requires DV Toolkit 2 or Music Production Toolkit option)
    • Power Mac G4 & G5 PCI Models Only
      (Not compatible with Power Mac G5 PCI Express models)

Not compatible with Power Mac G5 or tested with Pro Tools 6.9 and higher:

  • SCSI-64 Kit/ATTO ExpressPCI-DC

Mbox Software Download

Power Mac G5 PCI Express Models

The following PCIe storage host adapter card is now qualified with the Power Mac G5 PCI Express models:

  • ExpressPCI UL5D - Dual-channel Ultra320 PCI Express SCSI Host Adapter
  • Qualified for up to 48 mono or 48 stereo tracks (48 tracks in PTLE requires DV Toolkit 2 or Music Production Toolkit option)

FireWire Storage

  • Avid MediaDrive rS250
  • Avid MediaDrive rS80
  • DigiDrive FireWire 80

Important information for Avid rs80 and rs250 users on Mac OS X: Initio Firmware Update for Avid rs80 and rs250

For more information and specific requirements for FireWire drives, see FireWire Drive Requirements

Video Options


Mbox software download
  • DV Toolkit 2
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 7.1 or higher
  • DV Toolkit
    • Requires Pro Tools LE 6.1 thru 7.0
    • Not supported with 7.1 and higher


  • Canopus ADVC-110 DV Transcoder
  • Canopus ADVC-100 DV Transcoder

See the Video Options page for more information on the Canopus Transcoder models

Maximum Performance Guidelines

  • Recording to the system startup drive is not recommended or supported
  • For Power Mac G5 or G4 desktop models, a separate internal or external dedicated audio hard drive is highly recommended for maximum performance and track count.Although limited recording and playback of audio tracks may be possible using the internal drive in iBook, PowerBook, iMac and Mac mini models, a separate external dedicated audio hard drive is highly recommended for maximum performance and track count. Digidesign recommends the use of FireWire drives for use with these computers.
  • Dual processor users will experience increased performance over single processor CPUs
  • Mbox 2 will not function properly if connected to a passive USB hub. If you need to use a hub for other USB peripherals, use a powered hub or a separate dedicated USB port for Mbox 2 to function properly.

Known Incompatibilities

  • Mbox 2 will not function if any Digidesign PCI cards are installed in the CPU. (Digi 001, Audiomedia III, TDM cards, SampleCell)
  • Pro Tools LE core hardware systems cannot be combined
  • Pro Tools does not work in the OS 9 'Classic Mode'. You must choose Mac OS X as your Startup Disk.

New Session File Format ('.ptf')

Pro Tools 7.0 uses a new session file format and extension (.ptf) to distinguish its sessions from sessions created with previous versions. Pro Tools 7 sessions need to be saved as an earlier format to be used with pre-7.0 Pro Tools systems. For more information, see the following:

Mbox 1 Driver Windows 10

Energy Saver Settings

Pro Tools Does Not Support Sleep Mode

In the Macintosh System Preferences, launch Energy Saver, click the Sleep tab, and disable all Sleep features. Set 'Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive' to Never. Do not manually put your computer to sleep when running Pro Tools.

Processor Performance & Power Mac G5

For optimal Pro Tools performance, you must set Processor Performance (located in System Preferences > Energy Saver > Options) to 'Highest'. Updating your Mac OS may reset this to the default setting: 'Automatic'. After updating your Mac OS, check to make sure this is set to 'Highest'.

Apple's Mac OS help documentation provides the following info on Energy Saver Processor settings:

  • The PowerPC G5 processor in your Power Mac G5 can run at various speeds. The default setting for this feature is 'Automatic', which allows the system to run the processor at full speed when required, and at a lower speed during periods of light processing activity. Certain real-time applications, such as audio creation or gaming, may perform optimally when using the highest processor performance setting. You can change the processor performance setting in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences.