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Download Light Blue For Mac 7.0

I've tried giving LightZone a chance several times since it was launched a few years ago. I really wanna like it, but there's just not that moment of bliss happening... I shot film, but now digital. I don't get why it's oh so cool that LightZone is using an, imho, archaic way of working, now that I'm using a computer, and not standing in a darkroom. Zones? Bwah. What's the use in the digital realm? Nope... What I really need is a decent retouching and compositing package. But the spot-removal tool in both LightZone, LightRoom, Aperture, are all jokes. They are like red-eye removal - a tool for amateurs. I want dodge and burn and healing brush - not circular, but able to cope with irregular stuff like a single hair that mistakably goes in front of the models eye and nose. Removing such stuff can be a real pain, with a clone stamp tool, but Photoshops healing brush + a Wacom tablet does wonders... As is now, I need Photoshop. But Photoshop is also a lot else I don't need. I wish I will someday find a simplistic (fast and efficient = money) retouching tool... Amazing we have all these raw converter apps, and all these raw workflow apps, but not a single dedicated retouching app. I wonder why???

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