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Download Instanity For Mac 1.2.2

Download Instanity For Mac 1.2.2
  1. Download Insanity For Mac 1.2.2 Pc
Download insanity for mac 1.2.2 iso


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Download insanity for mac 1.2.2 version
  1. Download Insanity - A fast and easy to use programming environment that allows users to easily create animations using drag-and-drop predefined commands.
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  3. Total Video Tools for Mac is an excellent program for Mac where you can find all the tools you need to edit your videos or audios. It's an all-wheel-drive compared to other similar apps.
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Download Insanity For Mac 1.2.2 Pc

I have a late 2009 Mac Mini 3.1 in original basic spec 2gb memory and 160gb HD. It's been upgraded to OS 10.7.5. It is used as basic desktop machine connected to TV for online streaming / web browsing / email / word processing and music / photo storage and is host machine for iPad and iPhone. Apple spec page below
It's currently creaking with nearly full disk (130 of 160) and frequent spinning disk delays.
How much memory can I put I it, device says 4gb max but I see references here about 8gb upgrades to 2009 mac minis ?
What is best option for HD ? Going for say 500gb internal or an external device with iTunes library and photos on external drive - appreciate that's slower but not having to setup new bootable disk may be an advantage. When upgrading HD what's easiest and most cost effective way to copying across OS and files. I have a 'free agent' 640gb drive currently being used as a time machine backup and movie storage, can I copy hd to that before booting new drive or will I need an external dock to prepare the new hd to be bootable ?
Should I consider an SSD ? Quite a bit more expensive and my machine has old/slow processor
I plan to upgrade machine to new mac mini at some stage likely in 2014 to wait for new chip so upgrades to 2009 machine should take this into account.
Thanks in advance, I've been through older threads which have been useful.