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Download IController For Mac 0.6b

8bitdo M30 2.4Ghz doesn't detect left/right axis


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It feels great to go back to Recalbox 7.0.1 now that it has official Raspberry Pi 4 support, so I'm setting up a new install.

Game Controller For Mac

When I plug the USB dongle for my 8bitdo M30 2.4ghz controller to the Raspberry Pi, emulationstation (or Kodi) will detect it as '6B Controller', which is expected.

But when I am assigning the buttons, it will detect up/down as axis 1 (also as expected) but won't register left/right (which was supposed to be axis 0) at all.

I am successfully using this controller on:

  1. On a Raspberry Pi 3 running RetroPie, I can get it detected as '6B Controller' and working without issues. up/down are axis 1 and left/right are axis 0.
  2. On a Mac I can confirm it is also detected as a '6B controller' and when I move up/down and left/right, it is using the axis 4 and 3.

I've already confirmed the controller is at the latest firmware and, as far as I know, there is not a way to change it's 'mode' to Android or anything similar.


Any ideas?


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Gaming on the Mac isn't as big as on PC, but there's still some great games out there for Apple computers. In some cases you'll be OK using a keyboard and mouse, but for a lot of people, kicking back and using a controller is the way to game.

If that sounds like you and you're looking for a good controller, look no further. Here's what to get.

Download IController For Mac 0.6b

Xbox One controller

You can't just plug and play the Xbox One controller on the Mac, but getting it working really doesn't take much effort. And when it's up and running you'll have one of the best controller experiences on any platform right there for your Mac games.

The Xbox One controller isn't all that expensive and has an offset design for its thumbsticks which many find much more comfortable than Sony's side-by-side arrangement. It's a great size, not too heavy and has nice big bumpers and triggers.

The standard black controller is around $45, but there are a ton of special edition designs out there for various prices that might be more to your liking.

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Sony DualShock 4

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While the Xbox One controller is preferable for many, others swear by Sony's DualShock 4. It's a very different design but equally proficient in its own right for Mac gaming. Again, it's not exactly plug and play, but the process of making sure it's working properly is very simple.

The DualShock 4 is very comfortable in the hand with great triggers and bumpers, albeit both a little smaller than on something like an Xbox controller. The biggest difference is the side-by-side analog sticks.


It's lightweight so it's great for long gaming sessions, and Sony also has an official adapter to allow you to use it with your Mac wirelessly, though they can be hard to find. But for around $50, this is another great controller and it works perfectly with Steam.

Steam Controller

Steam is more commonly associated with PC gaming but there's still a decent supply of Mac compatible games in there. If this is where you get most of your games from, them the official Steam Controller might be the one for you, and it has full, official Mac support.

It's a bit unusual compared to many controllers, thanks in no small part to the touchpad which you find where you might expect one of the analog sticks. The Steam Controller has been designed so you can play keyboard and mouse games comfortably with a controller.

There's a bit of a learning curve, but when you get used to it it's just as easy to use as any other controller. It sells for $50 but Valve is frequently discounting it, so there's always a chance of a bargain if you can wait until the next sale.

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My favorite Switch controller

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This sweet Nintendo Switch controller is crazy cheap for Cyber Monday

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There are dozens of Nintendo Switch accessory deals going on for Cyber Monday. If you're going to get a controller, I highly suggest it be this one.