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Download Francais/English Dictionary For Mac 2.0.2

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Read Exif metadata from tiff and jpeg files.

Project description

Easy to use Python module to extract Exif metadata from digital image files.

Supported formats:

  • Python2 & Python3: TIFF, JPEG
  • Python3 only: WebP, HEIC


Download is tested on the following Python versions:

  • 2.7
  • 3.5
  • 3.6
  • 3.7
  • 3.8

As of version 2.3.0, Python2 is no longer offcially supported.

!! Version 2.x of will be the last to work with Python2 !!



Download Francais/English Dictionary for Mac 2.0.2 torrent

The recommended process is to install the PyPI package,as it allows easily staying up to date:

See the pip documentation for more info.


Download an archive from the project’s releases page.

Extract and enjoy.


Command line

Some examples:

Show command line options:

Python Script

Note: To use this library in your project as a Git submodule, you should:

Returned tags will be a dictionary mapping names of Exif tags to theirvalues in the file named by path_name.You can process the tags as you wish. In particular, you can iterate through all the tags with:

An if statement is used to avoid printing out a few of the tags that tend to be long or boring.

The tags dictionary will include keys for all of the usual Exif tags, and will also include keys forMakernotes used by some cameras, for which we have a good specification.

Note that the dictionary keys are the IFD name followed by the tag name. For example:

Tag Descriptions

Tags are divided into these main categories:

  • Image: information related to the main image (IFD0 of the Exif data).
  • Thumbnail: information related to the thumbnail image, if present (IFD1 of the Exif data).
  • EXIF: Exif information (sub-IFD).
  • GPS: GPS information (sub-IFD).
  • Interoperability: Interoperability information (sub-IFD).
  • MakerNote: Manufacturer specific information. There are no official published references for these tags.

Processing Options

These options can be used both in command line mode and within a script.


Faster Processing

Don’t process makernote tags, don’t extract the thumbnail image (if any).

Download Francais/English Dictionary For Mac 2.0.2

Pass the -q or --quick command line arguments, or as:

Stop at a Given Tag

To stop processing the file after a specified tag is retrieved.

Pass the -t TAG or --stop-tag TAG argument, or as:

where TAG is a valid tag name, ex 'DateTimeOriginal'.

The two above options are useful to speed up processing of large numbers of files.

Strict Processing

Return an error on invalid tags instead of silently ignoring.

Pass the -s or --strict argument, or as:

Usage Example

This example shows how to use the library to correct the orientation of an image(using Pillow for the transformation) before e.g. displaying it.


Download Free Dictionary For Mac

A huge thanks to all the contributors over the years!

English Dictionary For Mac

Originally written by Gene Cash & Thierry Bousch.

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