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Download FoolSaver For Mac 1.2.1

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Does uninstall FoolSaver 1.2.1 brings some problems to you? Are you looking for an answer for the problem fix and an effective way to delete the application from your Mac? You must be in the right place here and learn a right way to remove it well.

About FoolSaver 1.2.1

FoolSaver 1.2.1 is a (Others) application that available for the macOS, with its installation, you will find the installed package in the Applications folder, and some support files and caches are created while you are using it on the computer. And it does not allow to be removed if you do not stop it before running.

What are problems of removing FoolSaver 1.2.1

FoolSaver 1.2.1 users often need to uninstall the program for many reasons, such as reinstall it or don't want to use it on the computer. In this case, you should firstly consider to uninstall FoolSaver 1.2.1 on the Mac. However, people often come across these problems when perform the removal:

  • FoolSaver 1.2.1 refuses to be removed from the Mac
  • FoolSaver 1.2.1 files and data cannot cleaned thoroughly with the app removal
  • Associated issues and problems appear after removing the application
  • People can't find an effective way on Mac to remove FoolSaver 1.2.1

If you want to totally remove FoolSaver 1.2.1 without any of these problems, you should know how can uninstall it and which is the best way to remove it easily and quickly.

Optional ways to uninstall FoolSaver 1.2.1 on Mac compute

1. Remove it manually with the Trash on Mac

The Trash feature on Mac is a powerful remover that enable people to uninstall the unwanted application, and the removal is quite simple, people just need to drag the unwanted program from the Applications folder to the Trash. To remove FoolSaver 1.2.1 from macOS, you can also perform this way of removal on your computer, but the removal is not thorough enough if you just simply finish the dragging, there are some other files which also belonging to FoolSaver 1.2.1 still stay on the computer and need you to delete them manually.

  • Right-click on FoolSaver 1.2.1 on the Dock, and select Quit to stop FoolSaver 1.2.1 running on your computer
  • Click on the Finder on the Dock, select Applications on the left pane
  • Find and locate FoolSaver 1.2.1 in the Applications folder, and drag it to the Trash
  • Right-click on the Trash, and choose Empty Trash
  • Restart the computer
  • Click on Go on the head menu, and select Go to folder...
  • Type '~/library/' in the box, and press Return key
  • Double click to open Application Support folder inside, and delete FoolSaver 1.2.1 associated folders and files
  • Back to the Library folder, and open Caches, clean the FoolSaver 1.2.1 caches inside
  • Continue, click to open Preferences in the Library, and delete FoolSaver 1.2.1's files inside
Shortcomings of this manual removal

Although this is a common removal way that many people would choose to uninstall the application on Mac, it often needs the people to take some time to remove those remnants additionally on the computer. And what's more, it is hard for the common people to make clear how many files are left behind on the hard disk, so they might not know whether the program is completely removed or not.

2. Uninstall FoolSaver 1.2.1 automatically with uninstall tool

To replace the manual removal way and perform the FoolSaver 1.2.1 removal more easily and quickly, you can apply a professional Mac uninstall tool to help you complete the removal. And MacRemover is a good choice for you to totally uninstall the app with simple steps.

Steps to uninstall FoolSaver 1.2.1 with MacRemover
  • Start MacRemover on your Mac
  • Select XXX on the menu, and click on Run Analysis
  • Click on Complete Uninstall button, click Yes to confirm and start the removal
  • After that, please exit the program, and restart your computer

3. Uninstall with attached remover(not always work)

There are some applications for Mac would have a specific uninstaller process on their installed packages, but this is just a small part for the installed programs on Mac, there are still a lot of other programs do not contain such a specific uninstall tool in their installed package. If you find such an uninstall function with the program, you can choose to uninstall FoolSaver 1.2.1 with its own uninstaller. However, you should also notice that the uninstaller will not completely remove the program like the first manual removal way, you still need to check its leftovers on the computer, and clean them manually from your Mac.


Download FoolSaver For Mac 1.2.1

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Download FoolSaver For Mac 1.2.1

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