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Download FontDoc For Mac 1.3.0

FontDoc 1.3.0 Opgedateer Een dag het ek uiteindelik siek van die besteding van agt jaar handhawing monsters van al my 300 + fonts met die hand. So ek klap uit FontDoc, 'n baie eenvoudige program wat toon jy al die fonts op jou stelsel met behulp van 'n teks en enige.

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Additional Downloads:

EasyWorship 7:Download ZIP, Codecs and Viewers, PDF Manual,

Previous Build: EasyWorship build --- EasyWorship build

*EasyWorship 7 requires a special video decoder for DVD playback and PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer for PowerPoint support.

See Codecs and Viewers for more information.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where registration screen would not show on launch for demo users
  • Fixed issue on AMD Ryzen where slide thumbnails would not build
  • Fixed Registration screen crashes when clicking Complete Login during startup
  • Fixed issue that may cause PowerPoint to flicker when closing EasyWorship while running PowerPoint
  • Fixed issue with PowerPoint not working after uninstalling previous versions and re-installing newer versions of PowerPoint
  • Fixed issue that could cause instability with DVD drive
  • Fixed issue where certain MSHTML components would not refresh in integrated store
  • Fixed issue with some video cards not running 32bit version of PowerPoint correctly in 64bit environments


  • Alternate Output
  • Contiguous View
  • Shapes
  • Element Rotation


  • Added ability to open file location for media resources from context menu
  • Added ability to show context menu from right click within schedule selector
  • Adjusted hot keys for schedule and slide navigation
  • Added reflection blur to elements within Editor
  • Default themes within resources are now denoted by checkmark within context menu
  • Added ability to duplicate slides within context menu of schedule selector
  • Creating new presentations from schedule now opens editor by default
  • Editor now uses Apply/OK/Cancel for saving and closing
  • Upgraded NDI dlls to version 4.6.3
  • Changed CTRL and ALT function within editor to match Photoshop/Keynote when resizing elements
  • Add Song/Presentation toolbar button now navigates to newly created resource
  • Removal of static alerts is no longer dependent on alert scroll speed
  • Options window now saves its last size on close

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where going from PowerPoint to PowerPoint presentations would flash the desktop
  • Fixed grammatical error in song Lord's Prayer of Demo Database
  • Fixed grammatical error in song A Mighty Fortress Is Our God of Demo Database
  • Fixed text scaling issue between Application/Output monitors when DPI wasn't the same
  • Fixed issue where schedule files over 4 GB would corrupt
  • Fixed issue of opening schedules with internal save/open structure failure
  • Fixed issue with Unicode characters within JSON data
  • Fixed issue where Preview Window thumbnail would not scale correctly with a small custom output size
  • Fixed issue where PowerPoint would send black through NDI with Nvidia switchable graphics cards
  • Fixed issue where list-level text > 0 in content would not use master font
  • Fixed issue with font size too small in Schedule Details report
  • Fixed issue where Preview Output within Options screen would cause an access violation
  • Fixed issue where feed settings would not be available in Feed Editor
  • Fixed issue of incorrectly needing to create an empty database after using Profile Transfer Tool
  • Fixed issue where license changed would not take effect until application restart
  • Updated remote GoTo Slide Start functionality to reset the slide's playback state to 0:00 mark
  • Fixed miscellaneous lock-ups


New Features:

  • Dark Theme
  • Slide look and color
  • Alpha Layer video support
  • FoldBack multi line Next Line item
  • Copyright can now be visible only on first displayed slide
  • NDI live output support.
  • NDI capture feed support
  • Added undo and redo to editor.
  • EasyWorship Android & iOS remote app (Available in your app store)
  • Support for Abelton Live and other MIDI input devices. Available to subscribers only

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where remote control port is already in use.
  • Fixed an issue with unnecessary GPU usage.
  • Fixed an issue with PowerPoint engine causing a dead lock situation locking up EasyWorship.
  • Fixed an issue with shape engine causing a dead lock situation locking up EasyWorship.
  • Fixed an issue with the text engine causing a dead lock situation locking up EasyWorship.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Issue with MIDI playback quality.
  • Fixed: Issue with PowerPoint integration that could crash EasyWorship and Explorer.exe.



  • Added: Extended addressable memory from 2GB to 4GB on 64-bit systems (2GB to 3GB on 32-bit)
  • Added: NDI version 4 support
  • Added: Ability to arrange elements using right-click menu in Editor
  • Added: Ability to clone elements in the editor using the 'Ctrl' key while dragging
  • Added: Scrub progress on interactive backgrounds
  • Improved: Precision of text alignment
  • Changed: Moved WMV decoding from DirectShow to FFmpeg
  • Changed: 'Shift' drag to 'Alt' drag to temporarily turn off alignment snapping
  • Changed: Default to FFmpeg for all allowable video playback

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed: Ability to create an outer or inner border on an element
  • Fixed: Crash when performing undo add media in songs or presentations editor of masters
  • Fixed: Next Schedule and Previous Schedule in MIDI not working
  • Fixed: Text rendering issue with some fonts
  • Fixed: Issue with application not maximizing on startup even though the last close state was maximized
  • Fixed: Pasting text with embedded images from MS Word causing slowdown and invalid text
  • Fixed: Projected column alignment in Song Activity Report CSV output
  • Fixed: Truncated song names in Song Activity Report CSV output
  • Fixed: Exception when trying to flow scripture to multiple slides using a theme
  • Fixed: Crash or white browser page in web store if login prompt was canceled while navigating
  • Fixed: Issue with Revert to Global in Presentation editor not working correctly
  • Fixed: Transparent overlay in Themes causing black thumbnails
  • Fixed: Issue with deleting a slide causing a crash in the undo system
  • Fixed: Bug allowing new slides to be added to themes from the media selector
  • Fixed: Address bar in web browser disappearing if is the IE homepage
  • Fixed: Some videos with audio playback play out of sync (ahead of the actual video).
  • Fixed: Access violation crash when switching between two profiles
  • Fixed: Go Live from SongSelect lyrics page gives black preview output
  • Fixed: Issue with SongSelect login
  • Fixed: Search exception from media or theme selector of editor
  • Fixed: Freeze when setting focus to the resource search box after using SongSelect
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to drag and drop to combine two images or videos in schedule
  • Fixed: Bible purchase in EW ends with 404 (though purchase is successful)
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to drag and drop in schedule into the bottom node of presentation of the last presentation
  • Fixed: Issue with m4a audio not showing progress correctly
  • Fixed: Presentation font not keeping the setting in options
  • Fixed: Unable to resize window when trying to purchase a bible
  • Fixed: Clicking Web loads
  • Fixed: Web tab rendering issue
  • Fixed: Issue with pasted text in songs
  • Fixed: Ctrl+C doesn't work in main window edit controls
  • Fixed: Issue with Scripture flow formatting
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to search in TLV & TPT bibles
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to update packed PowerPoint items in Schedule
  • Fixed: PageUp/PageDown keys are ignored in the song editor
  • Fixed: Undoing a change to a text element based on a theme not working properly
  • Fixed: Undoing the first change to a theme element not updating the 'Revert to Theme' button in Inspector
  • Fixed: Issue with scripture defaults not always getting applied to verse text
  • Fixed: Initial window always painting white before loading
  • Fixed: Schedule items title or notes could be edited without being selected first
  • Fixed: Issue with selector and schedule selections not syncing correctly on last item.
  • Fixed: Adjusted the hit points on dragging in between items
  • Fixed: Cutting and pasting from within EasyWorship not retaining titles
  • Fixed: Pasting or importing SongSelect lyrics into editor not working correctly
  • Fixed: Issue with Presentation hash calculation for themes
  • Fixed: Issue with importing a theme if a different version of the theme already exists
  • Fixed: Issue with importing twice into editor causing an exception
  • Fixed: Memory leak when playing videos that have rotation
  • Fixed: Issue that allows updating of hidden items when nothing is selected in the editor
  • Fixed: Issue with selector starting up empty when there is actual data
  • Fixed: Scripture theme cannot override some default Scripture font properties

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that would not let you rollback from a profile opened in a newer version.
  • Fixed an issue with changing profiles and getting an exception.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with searching in bibles for book names that contain accented characters.
  • Fixed an issue with theme indentations not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with MPEG files causing EasyWorship to lock up.
  • Fixed possible exception with license downloader returning during close of EasyWorship.
  • Fixed possible exception when switching profiles.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with PowerPoint not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed issue with getting artifacts when creating poster frames for transparent videos.
  • Fixed an issue with getting runtime error 216 if you try to start multiple copies of EasyWorship.
  • Fixed an issue with WMV files taking to long to load due to a issue with DTV-DVD Audio Decoder.


  • Updated to NewTek NDI 3.8.
  • NDI HX support is now included in the EasyWorship installer.

Bug Fixes:

  • Reversed fix for an issue with 2010 PowerPoint not working as a result of changes we made to Apparently Microsoft fixed this between builds.
  • Fixed an issue with poster frame bitmaps not getting released when slide loses focus.

New in

  • Added support for Abelton Live and other MIDI input devices. Subscription Version Only.
  • Added support for transparent webm files. Removed side-by-side and top-to-bottom support.
  • Updated FFmpeg player to 4.0.1.
  • Android App Now available in the Play Store.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue in Video Properties windows that causes the video to glitch on load.
  • Fixed issue with transparent videos thumbnails showing incorrect pre-multiplied alpha in Editor.
  • Fixed an issue with then clock and service internal size displaying incorrectly when using higher DPI.
  • Fixed issue with the report in the Presentation Editor printing with gray text instead of black.
  • Fixed issue with remote midi schedule commands not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with remote schedule selection not syncing correctly when using live and preview combined view.
  • Fixed issue with NDI feed player using to much CPU.
  • Fixed issue with NDI output not adapting to current system audio settings.
  • Fix issue with empty video stream causing player to lock up after seeking.
  • Fixed an issue with Foldback monitor flickering on some video cards.
  • Fixed an issue on some video cards with alpha channel videos flickering when using the editor with live output.
  • Fixed issue in selector with single column icons that are centered not getting selected on mouse down.
  • Fixed an issue with the Software Update window showing grayed out text in the dark interface.
  • Fixed an issue with live ledger view not painting correctly after switching from preview and live combined to preview and live.
  • Fixed problem with downloading help file in the background causing the web browser to not load until completed.
  • Fixed issue with SongSelect import causing web tab to close when using 'Live with Resource preview' view.
  • Fixed issue in Options with clocks and alerts not resizing correctly when changing font size.
  • Fixed some issues with Foldback elements (clock, service interval, and next line) incorrectly using margins and other settings from global foldback default font.
  • Fixed Foldback area, for previewing videos, web, and PowerPoint, to have margins that are pushed based on other foldback elements like clock and next item.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with 'Remove' icon on remote client popup changing colors after changing permissions on a client.
  • Fixed a possible bug when using special foreign characters in profile options.
  • Fixed an issue with changing the master theme font size not reflecting the correct values in the OutlineEditor even though the font size changes.
  • Fixed issue with font reverting back to system defaults when using indented text within a presentation.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the theme on a presentation would not update the text attributes of existing slides.
  • Fixed an issue with collections not limiting results correctly when you have rules for individual fields like Title, Author...
  • Fixed shortcuts for Add, Duplicate, and Delete slide to be consistent across outline editor and slide view.
  • Fixed issues with playing back audio with frequencies above 32K.
  • Fixed issue with new version of PowerPoint (build 1805) and PowerPoint Viewer displaying with incorrect size.
  • Fixed another issues with Intel Switchable Graphics not working correctly. Fixed a bug that should prevent future problems.
  • Fixed an issue with mouse highlighting and obscured items.

Additional Downloads:

EasyWorship 7:Download ZIP, Codecs and Viewers, PDF Manual,

Previous Build: EasyWorship build --- EasyWorship build

Latest version


Library to create spreadsheet files compatible with MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 XLS files, on any platform, with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3+

Project description


This is a library for developers to use to generatespreadsheet files compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 95 to 2003.

The package itself is pure Python with no dependencies on modules or packagesoutside the standard Python distribution.

Please read this before using this package:

Quick start


Documentation can be found in the docs directory of the xlwt package.If these aren’t sufficient, please consult the code in theexamples directory and the source code itself.

The latest documentation can also be found at:


Try the following in this order:

  • Read the source
  • Ask a question on


xlwt is a fork of the pyExcelerator package, which was developed byRoman V. Kiseliov. This product includes software developed byRoman V. Kiseliov <>.

xlwt uses ANTLR v 2.7.7 to generate its formula compiler.

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