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Download Divvy (Mac & Windows) 1.4.2

Download Divvy (Mac & Windows) 1.4.2(macDownload divvy (mac app

DivvyUp is the ultimate Tip Calculator and Bill Splitter and is only available for Windows Phone! *** 'DivvyUp for Windows Phone 8 is the must-have app for when you’re done with your meal' *** *** 'DivvyUp is truly a one-of-a-kind app' *** Love going out to dinner with friends but hate having to split the bill afterwards? No matter how many times the receipt is passed around, there never seems to be enough money contributed to the pot. DivvyUp is the ultimate bill splitter and tip calculator app and makes check splitting fun and easy! Simply snap a picture of the receipt, choose who ordered each item, and instantly see exactly what each person owes! DivvyUp uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to parse the receipt and then custom algorithms to identify relevant items so that it’s quick and easy to add all the items to be split (OCR currently supports US receipts only). DivvyUp automatically calculates the tip as well as rounds everyone’s total to make payments super easy! Want to pay the bill with multiple credit cards? No problem! You can group multiple diners together to see exactly how much to charge and tip for each card. Didn’t get a printed receipt? You can divvy up any purchase by manually entering in all the items as well. Also included is a Quick Split option for when you simply want to split the bill evenly, as well as a basic Tip Calculator. All this for the price of FREE! Free Features - Auto Itemize Receipt using OCR (currently supports US receipts only) - Manually Itemize Receipt (supports all currencies) - Tip Calculator - Quick Split - Group diners into separate breakdowns (when paying with multiple credit cards) - Smart auto-rounding for easy payments - Customizable default settings - Matches your phone’s metro-style theme color Premium Features - Save previously itemized receipts - Email receipt breakdown to other diners - Customize the app’s theme to any color - Premium branding throughout the app - Feel good knowing you supported the app :-) -------------------------------- ****** FAQs ****** -------------------------------- Q: I already purchased DivvyUp Pro but I got a new phone. Will I have to purchase the upgrade again? A: Nope! The initial screen may show the price however if you continue to upgrade then the confirmation screen will recognize you've already paid for it and won't charge you again. (I promise!) Q: Am I able to enter in a discount/coupon to the bill? A: Absolutely! You can even have that discount applied to one or many diners. To enter a discount, simply add a new menu item and enter in a negative number for the price. To do that, hold down the period ('.') key and you'll be presented with a few more options, one of which includes the negative sign ('-'). Q: This app is awesome and all my iOS/Android friends are jealous. A: That's not really a question but I love hearing that feedback! If you really enjoy the app, don't forget to review the app so everyone else knows how much you love it! --------------------------------

Download divvy (mac online

Download Divvy (mac Version

Download Windows Migration Assistant v2.4.0.0 (Monterey) This software will help you migrate data from a Windows PC running Windows. The Migration Assistant will launch automatically after it has been installed. Give up shaker article of furniture plans Download the outdo rated woodworking guide with terminated 16k carpentry plans. 2 broad YEARS costless natural endowment Order nowadays and come 2 FULL YEARS of Wood Magazine Shaker piece of furniture Plans. All my furniture designs shaker furniture plans free. Shaker Download Free usance Furniture Plans. The download version of Divvy Data Analysis pour Mac is 1.5.1. The download was scanned for viruses by our system. We also recommend you check the files before installation. Divvy, a solution for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, is an entirely new way of managing your windows. It allows you to quickly and efficiently 'divvy up' your screen into exact portions. This lets you take maximum advantage of your screen real estate without any hassle at all. Window management has never been this easy.