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Download Defaults For Mac 2.2.4

DS4Windows is an Xbox 360 emulator for Windows computers. The desktop application also requires Microsoft .NET 4.5, Microsoft 360 driver, and a Sony Playstation DualShock 4 controller. Once installed, the program mimics the experience of playing DualShock 4 on your console. You will find that DS4Windows has a plain user interface that guides you through the installation process. While the game was originally created for the DualShock game, you can use this emulator to play other Xbox compatible games. Its built-in profile system allows you to swap through the settings for your controller.


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  1. Oct 01, 2021 Version 2.2.4: New Features: (macOS 11.3+ Only) Bridged networking and shared networking support. You can configure it in the Network settings for your VM. (macOS 11+ and iOS 13+) GPU acceleration for OpenGL on Linux.
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The installation process of DS4Windows is straightforward. DS4Windows is a downloadable ZIP file with an executable file inside. The EXE file is in charge of leading you to the DS4Windows Welcome window where you will find the Install the DS4 Driver button. You will also find an Install 360 Driver which only needs to be clicked if you’re running Windows 7 or older. Once you’ve completed the installation process, click the Finish button then select Settings on the menu bar.


The DS4Windows Settings will provide access to the Device configuration.

This is the program’s main draw as it allows you to connect your PS4 controller to your PC. Whether your controller can connect via USB or Bluetooth. Should you connect a wireless PS4 controller, select Bluetooth in DS4Windows. The device should appear on the screen after you’ve pressed PS and Share on the controller. Once it appears, click Pair. It's important to remember that you should not close or press X on the DS4Windows program. Instead, press minimize to avoid shutting the program down.


Download Defaults For Mac 2.2.4 Operating System

DS4Windows opens by presenting you five tabs Controllers, Profiles, Auto Profiles, Settings, and Log. The Controllers tab is also the main page of the program. It displays all the controllers you have connected to your PC. Here, you will find the controller’s ID, connection, battery life, and selected profile. Profiles are the predetermined settings for your controller such as shift modifiers, special actions, and controller readers. You can also indicate if you want the device to act as a mouse or as a gaming controller.

Auto Profiles are different from Profiles as it is a list of games or programs you have connected to DS4Windows. You can add a game to DS4Windows through this tab and clicking Add Programs. The game should appear on the list with its logo, title, and file path. On the right of this tab are the controller ranks listed as Controller 1 to 4. It has a dropdown menu that allows you to select which profile should be automatically applied to a game.


Download Defaults For Mac 2.2.4 Download

Great tool to PC gamers

DS4Windows is a middle ground to playing games on a console and using the keyboard to play PC games. You get the benefit of playing both PC games and Xbox games on your computer using a handheld device. While it has many customization options, its user interface appears plain and straightforward. This allows you to create the system you want on a particular game.