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Download Conference Recorder For Mac 2.1.3

316.8 MB at Released 25-November-2020 Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Release Notes Recommended for new people exploring OpenMRS. A self-contained ZIP archive that includes an embedded database and application server, as well the option to install demo data for sample patients. The Mac Pro 'Eight Core' 3.0, which identifies itself via a unique MacPro2,1 model identifier, is a custom configuration of the original Mac Pro. It is powered by two 3 GHz Quad Core Xeon X5365 (Clovertown) processors with 8 MB of dedicated level 2 cache per processor, a 128-bit SSE3 vector engine, and 1.33 GHz '64-bit dual independent. A Word label template allows you to insert information/images into cells sized and formatted to corresponded with your sheets of labels so that when you print your labels, the information and design is aligned correctly. Changing printer settings can apply. Templates for popular address/mailing sizes, 5160 templates, and CD label templates, as well as standard template sizes are available. FFmpeg 2.8.18 'Feynman' 2.8.18 was released on 2021-10-21. It is the latest stable FFmpeg release from the 2.8 release branch, which was cut from master on 2015-09-05.

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Construction BulletinsEntire CPAM as Searchable File (*.pdf, 20mb)
Updated 10/18/2021

Capture 2021 for Windows 64-bit and macOS. This download serves as both the DEMO and FULL version. The full version will be activated once a license is installed. When used as a DEMO the save function is disabled and each session is limited to 90 minutes.

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ChapterTitleRevisedContact PersonLast Review
Cover Sheet (*.pdf, 35kb)
Introduction (*.pdf, 117kb)1/23/2017Larry Ritchie9/2016
1.1Plans Review and Comments (*.pdf, 135kb)7/9/21Larry Ritchie5/2021
1.2Contract Duration and Alternative Contracting Techniques (*.pdf, 277kb)12/15/20Scott Arnold4/2020
1.3Pre-Bid Questions and Answers (*.pdf, 31kb)7/9/21Larry Ritchie5/2021
Chapter 2Office Preparation
2.1Project Scheduling (*.pdf, 46kb)9/11/204/2020
2.2Final Estimates Pre-Planning (*.pdf, 21kb)4/8/2020Ashley Anderson3/2020
Chapter 3Preconstruction Activities
3.1Preconstruction Conference (*.pdf, 243kb)2/18/21Ashley Anderson10/2019
3.2Quality Assurance & Quality Control of Field Operations (*.pdf, 34kb)7/17/19Scott Arnold6/2019
3.3Contractor's Quality Control Plan (*..pdf, 392kb)10/29/19Ashley Anderson10/2019
3.4Dispute Review Board (*.pdf, 58kb)8/26/19Scott Arnold 7/2019
3.5Final Estimates Quality Reviews (*.pdf, 187kb)4/7/21Taylor Carlquist4/2019
Chapter 4Consultant CEI Management
4.1Administration of Consultant CEI Contracts (*.pdf, 42kb)9/27/21Olivia Townsend9/2021
4.2Consultant CEI Accountability (*.pdf, 32kb)8/27/188/2018
Chapter 5Project Documentation
5.1Project Diary (*.pdf, 211kb)12/23/20Lynnette Bonin03/2020
5.2Contractor Vehicle Registration (*.pdf, 9kb)2/10/21Zach Wiginton3/2021
5.3Subletting of Contract (*.pdf, 198kb)3/10/21Zach Wiginton3/2021
5.4Contract Wage Requirements (*.pdf, 410kb)3/13/18 Hugh Kent11/2017
5.5Equipment Rental (*.pdf, 122kb)2/9/21Zach Wiginton3/2021
5.6Utility Work (*.pdf, 66kb)2/16/21Olivia Townsend8/2019
5.7Federal Aid Project Requirements (*.pdf, 213kb)5/12/20Larry Ritchie5/2019
5.8Control of Materials (*.pdf, 513kb)3/1/21Ashley Anderson9/2019
5.9Process Review of Construction Engineering & Inspection (*.pdf, 36kb)7/21/21Larry Ritchie6/2021
5.10Verification Inspection & Testing (*.pdf, 20kb)4/9/21Richard Hewitt4/2019
Chapter 5.10 Flowchart (*.pdf, 76kb)
5.11Final Estimates Documents (*.pdf, 636kb)9/29/21Taylor Carlquist10/2019
5.12Final As-Built Plans Process (*.pdf, 886kb)7/7/20Ashley Anderson10/2019
5.13Plan Summary Boxes (*.pdf, 317kb)5/7/19Amanda Ulmer4/2019
5.14Field Records and Contractor's Certifications (*.pdf, 1.16mb)6/9/21Taylor Carlquist6/2019
5.15Final Measurements (*.pdf, 964kb)4/20/21Ashley Anderson6/2019
5.16Earthwork Notes & Documentation (*.pdf, 2.64mb)9/30/19Taylor Carlquist9/2019
Chapter 6Contract Payments
6.1Unpaid Bills Processing (*.pdf, 134kb)1/27/20Zach Wiginton1/2020
6.2Alternative Contracts (*.pdf, 640kb)9/29/21Taylor Carlquist01/2020
Chapter 7Contract Modifications
7.1Post Award Plan and Contract Changes (*.pdf, 5kb)
(Section 7.1 was Deleted 09/25/02)
7.2Time Extensions (*.pdf, 430kb)6/3/20Larry Ritchie6/2020
Chapter 7.2.1 Flowchart - Non Weather Time Extensions (*.pdf, 16kb)
7.3Supplemental Agreements and Unilateral Payments (*.pdf, 548kb)10/28/19Larry Ritchie3/2019
AttachmentCoding Contract Changes, attach for Sect 7.3 (*.pdf, 467kb)11/5/19
7.4Contingency Supplemental Agreements and Work Orders (*.pdf, 101kb)8/15/19Larry Ritchie3/2019
7.5Construction Contract Claims (*.pdf, 325kb)7/15/21Larry Ritchie8/2019
7.6Contracting for Governor Declared Emergencies (*.pdf, 328kb)5/19/20Larry Ritchie9/2019
7.7Payment & Recovery of Property Damage Costs (*.pdf, 15kb)7/9/21Larry Ritchie6/2019
Chapter 8Administrative Requirements
8.2Environmental Permit Compliance (*.pdf, 27kb)7/30/20Jason Russell6/2020
8.3Operation Within Railroad Right-of-Way (*.pdf, 32kb)2/5/219/2018
8.4Shop & Erection Drawing Process (*.pdf, 21kb)7/15/20Scott Arnold6/2020
8.5Contract Delinquency (*.pdf, 40kb)1/27/20Zach Wiginton1/2020
8.6Contract Default (*.pdf, 47kb)2/11/20Zach Wiginton1/2020
8.7Contractor Non-Responsibility For Construction Contract (*.pdf, 125kb)2/11/20Zach Wiginton1/2020
8.8State Arbitration Board (*.pdf, 16kb)4/13/10Scott Arnold
8.9Contract Termination (*.pdf, 113kb)3/9/20Zach Wiginton2/2020
8.10Noise & Vibration Abatement (*.pdf, 142kb)5/16/18Juan Castellanos3/2020
8.11Contractor Initiated Submittals (*.pdf, 147kb)9/27/21Scott Arnold9/2021
8.12Locally Funded Agreements (*.pdf, 20kb)8/20/20Amanda Ulmer2/2020
8.13Pipe Inspection, Evaluation & Repair (*.pdf, 26kb)6/25/20Jason Russell6/2020
8.14Value Added Features (*.pdf, 89kb)6/25/20Jason Russell6/2020
Chapter 9Maintenance of Traffic
9.1Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) (*.pdf, 115kb)9/30/207/2019
9.2Work Zone Regulatory Speeds (*.pdf, 4kb)
(Section 9.2 was Deleted 4/11/14)
9.3Work Zone Traffic Incident Evaluation and Reporting (*.pdf, 113kb)6/5/184/2018
Chapter 10Structures
10.1Piles (*.pdf, 215kb)3/27/20Juan Castellanos3/2020
10.2Prestressed / Precast Concrete Components (*.pdf, 28kb)8/11/20Scott Arnold7/2020
10.3Concrete Construction - This replaces 10.3 Bridge Decks and also 10.6 Mass Concrete. (*.pdf, 544kb)6/3/20Scott Arnold4/2020
10.4Coatings & Asbestos Removal, Handling & Disposal & Structural Steel Coating Issues (*.pdf, 29kb) 8/21/18Scott Arnold6/2018
10.5Drilled Shafts (*.pdf, 279kb)4/8/20Juan Castellanos3/2020
Chapter 10.5 Flowchart (*.pdf, 39kb)
10.6Underwater Bridge Construction Inspection (*.pdf, 47kb)7/15/20Scott Arnold2/2020
10.7Post Tensioned Bridges (*.pdf, 765kb)6/19/20Scott Arnold6/2020
External Reference Documents for 10.7
10.8Auger Cast Piles (*.pdf, 209kb)4/27/20Juan Castellanos4/2020
10.9Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metal Components (*.pdf, 154kb)6/19/20Scott Arnold6/2020
10.10Bridge Construction Issues that Must Involve Office of Construction Staff (*.pdf, 36kb)4/30/20Scott Arnold4/2020
10.11General Structures Construction Issues (*.pdf, 46kb)8/7/20Scott Arnold7/2020
10.12Foundations on Design-Build Projects (*.pdf, 96kb)4/27/20Juan Castellanos4/2020
Chapter 11Asphalt
11.1Asphalt LOT Documentation (*.pdf, 499kb)8/15/19 7/2019
11.2Asphalt Mix Temperature Control (*.pdf, 19kb)4/9/21Richard Hewitt4/2019
Chapter 11.2 Flowchart (*.pdf, 17kb)
11.3Categorizing Asphalt & Other Base Courses (*.pdf, 49kb)8/2/21Amanda Ulmer6/2019
11.4Adjustments (*.pdf, 1.23mb)4/6/20Amanda Ulmer3/2020
11.5Testing & Correcting Asphalt Pavement Surface Deficiencies (*.pdf, 262kb)4/9/21Richard Hewitt9/2019
11.6Documentation for Multi-Fin Projects, Under One Contract (*.pdf, 631kb)4/25/19Amanda Ulmer4/2021
11.7Asphalt Construction Information for CQC (*.pdf, 454kb)4/25/19Amanda Ulmer4/2021
Chapter 11.7 Reference Presentation (*.pdf, 701kb)
11.8Submittals (*.pdf, 285kb)
(Section 11.8 was Deleted 12/7/2017)

11.9Salvage of Materials (*.pdf, 34kb)6/13/19 Amanda Ulmer9/2021
Chapter 12Project Closeout
12.1Project Acceptance (*.pdf, 29kb)2/26/21Larry Ritchie4/2020
Chapter 13Performance Ratings
13.1Contractor's Past Performance Rating (*.pdf, 247kb)3/10/21Zach Wiginton4/2021
13.2Constructability Grades (*.pdf, 201kb)7/14/206/2019
13.3Contractor Survey (*.pdf, 12kb)4/9/21Zach Wiginton4/2021

*Reviewed by CPAM POC only. No suggested changes submitted by end users since last formal review so either no changes were made or no substantive changes were made. No formal review by end users performed.

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