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Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13


The Apple MacBook Pro “Core i5” 2.5GHz i5 13” has a standard 4GB RAM. The ram upgrade can be done up to 16GB by the users. This Mac uses 204 pin memory chips. This Mac can upgrade to a larger 2.5″ hard drive or solid state drive. Solid state drive produce more speed and are less prone to crash. Revision A (2-5-13) Schematic Checklist for LAN8720I Information Particular to the 24-pin QFN Package LAN8720I QFN PHY Interface: 1. TXP (pin 21): This pin is the transmit twisted pair output positive connection from the internal PHY. It requires a 49.9, 1.0% pull-up resistor to VDDA (created from +3.3V).

Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13 Pro

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For Mac OS X 10.2.4 or higher, including Leopard.
Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo

Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13 Iso

Download Blueprint for Mac 2.5.13 free

Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13 Free

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