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Download BlueChip For Mac 1.5

  1. Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5 Download
  2. Download BlueChip For Mac 1.5 Download
  3. Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5.2
  4. Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5 Pro
  5. Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5 Free
  6. Download BlueChip For Mac 1.5

Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5 Download

Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings. Double-click the downloaded file and mount it on the Disk Image. Double-click the mounted Disk Image. Double-click the 'Setup' file to launch the setup screen. By following the instructions on the screen, install the software and do the connection. 12' PB, 1.5 Ghz, 1.25 GB RAM; 15' TiPB 867Mhz, 768 MB RAM; iPod, Mac OS X (10.4.5) Posted on Jun 28, 2006 4:14 PM.


Download BlueChip For Mac 1.5 Download

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Built on the .NET Framework, Windows PowerShell allows IT professionals to manage computers via commands or scripts, improving productivity through system automation.

Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5.2


Installation Process

Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5 Pro

Download the PKG package powershell-7.1.2-osx-x64.pkg from the Download Now button onto your macOS machine.

You can double-click the file and follow the prompts, or install it from the terminal:

  • sudo installer -pkg powershell-7.1.2-osx-x64.pkg -target /

Install OpenSSL. OpenSSL is needed for PowerShell remoting and CIM operations.

What's New:

  • Bump .NET SDK to version 5.0.400
  • Remove the cat file from PSDesiredStateConfiguration module (Internal 16723)
  • Update .NET SDK version and other packages (Internal 16715)

SHA256 Hashes of the release artifacts

  • powershell_7.1.4-1.debian.10_amd64.deb
    • BC3D741F026BE966DE641EA305E73701AAE61DA16AA1618A4500EAE8B92FB69D
  • powershell_7.1.4-1.debian.11_amd64.deb
    • E3DEA08EDCE931DE695AFBF021134C02407293770788272F301E8E39C4C3FFE2
  • powershell_7.1.4-1.debian.9_amd64.deb
    • 14D042403F19B63A6508EC51521B00F0F3CF80B3B20753C547725ADCD8C95E84
  • powershell_7.1.4-1.ubuntu.16.04_amd64.deb
    • BDB45D6CA0CC99D6A9E5876E9B325586A74823474E62E987B4C30C19612D7923
  • powershell_7.1.4-1.ubuntu.18.04_amd64.deb
    • D6663A841E7318023D7852B7539580610170A713778257DF325934DFAE39CE4B
  • powershell_7.1.4-1.ubuntu.20.04_amd64.deb
    • 7435B5CDD8CBEDEEE396072B495B44067166674E7C40A9EE844A519C6223E482
  • powershell-7.1.4-1.centos.8.x86_64.rpm
    • 5BCA9B5FDDB2AA6AE477D070A71D331876E6465CEA5CAA228505B84ACB166D7C
  • powershell-7.1.4-1.rhel.7.x86_64.rpm
    • 3F4E0A52DECCD179E6817F5123AD1E94BAB841B55288A4524AAAD8A230BD5A84
  • powershell-7.1.4-linux-alpine-x64.tar.gz
    • 289BF62DA59E5E763CE8BC763A36FC584B524BDA1ECE6FD5BF1C09CF00D0AC2E
  • powershell-7.1.4-linux-arm32.tar.gz
    • 2B2B55BF690B58A8DBBD1ABDE6B2C001C351FF33D4473C6D80AE9A6B6F469D54
  • powershell-7.1.4-linux-arm64.tar.gz
    • 65B65BEEF80E0325C1025C6189320FC9F4345C31B2E3A9A13FC2C70283776D4E
  • powershell-7.1.4-linux-x64.tar.gz
    • 250A9C3767896A94F74BBE41CC8FD60048D9B7EFD4EEA4D2325B45716D1C4BAA
  • powershell-7.1.4-linux-x64-fxdependent.tar.gz
    • C60D9386191956FA52B8C3A5E4E7F4B5AF15930E794441BA6A3E872CA52A43EF
  • powershell-7.1.4-osx-x64.pkg
    • 66AC3BC82C83B8F2864BF5EA20C67538C7B51AE25E6A9178F930BCDC35A12D9A
  • powershell-7.1.4-osx-x64.tar.gz
    • 182D3E2DDFD581725D82199D3628FD5E18CDCD4346DE2FCA99AE4927835451EB
    • 5EC02D49ED7261AACE410D911A040982C46DB04DEA3017536AC198DD61969672
    • 345F4B16E5DAA0C2C6D2CB0758098B39B2FDB26D5C8B181FF16424B6C37C529F
    • C4A118A87193893465849D859B4BE042CC959D00EC87D206E19CB71143E2FADF
    • 766D7A175F87D97D084371FEA7A9A24D303C4D9BCB1BCD33C58E3C8E824480DE
  • PowerShell-7.1.4-win-x64.msi
    • 9190F005ADCC59F1D2CFF21B8D4FBBA70D72B8B4B567D845B33508A9C388A7A2
    • EC5792D74EAE88601D20734C857212920135AA5899823DCAF1C0143DAEDD8108
  • PowerShell-7.1.4-win-x86.msi
    • E75859850B7E7E6A3ACB7A33F1F33171A77636CB8944CEA11FB2E9C0537416B5
    • B44702F129514E638798D62A6F3EACB62EF8A628052F71F1CEED179EDE3D4564

Recent Windows PowerShell for Mac news

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    New command-line shell and scripting language designed for system administration and automation.
    • Freeware
    • Windows

Download Bluechip For Mac 1.5 Free


Download BlueChip For Mac 1.5

Mac P2 Contents Management Software
  • * P2 Contents Management Software for Mac ( Ver.1.4.10 )
  • * DPX Conversion Plugin for Mac ( Ver 1.25/ 1.26) : This Plugin enables users to convert DPX file AVC-Intra100 format clips.
  • * AVC-Intra Decoder for Mac ( Ver 1.5 ) : This decoder software supports AVC-Intra codec.


  • This is an application program that ingests P2 contents by using PC and manages them in PC.
    P2 viewer is built in and able to view P2 contents easily like the P2 Viewer.
    Contents can be speedily retrieved by automatically constructing the data base by using the metadata of P2 contents at the time of ingestion.
    Able to add, change and delete metadata registered in P2 contents and the data base by the simple method.
    Able to handout and keep them as back ups by copying P2 contents onto HDD and Optical media.

Main Functions

  • Display P2 contents data
    Ingest P2 contents in PC.
    Retrieve metadata of P2 contents
    Display and Editing of property
    Viewing (playback of contents)
    Display and editing of text memos
    Recording and delete of voice memos
    Export P2 contents data
    Production of Backup data for P2 CMS format
    Archive P2 contents data (moving to optical media disk)

Operating Environment

  • Intel Mac
    Mac OS X 10.5.8 /Quick Time 7.7
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 /Quick Time 10.0
    *CMS applies to 32bit mode only.

    Mac OS X 10.7.2 /Quick Time 10.1

    Intel Core Duo processor (2GHz or greater ) only.
    RAM: 1GB or greater
    1,024x768 or large Display
    The P2 driver included with the P2 product must be installed.
    To play back AVC-Intra format clips and to convert into DPX file, following are necessary.
    AVC-Intra Decoder
    CPU: 2 x Qiad-Core Xeon
    RAM: 2GB or more
  • Language:Japanese, English,Chinese


Restriction of clip viewer function in P2CMS
  • P2CMS can play back P2 clips with the viewer function, but P2CMS may occasionally force quit while playing back multiple clips or in REPEAT PLAY mode, depending on the version of Mac OS.
    No utility to fix this issue is available as of September 15, 2010.
    If you encounter this symptom, please reboot the P2CMS application and then
    play the clips one by one without using REPEAT PLAY mode.
    This issue does not in any way corrupt data related to the clips or the program itself.


  • Please set the maximum number in which the P2 contents are displayed appropriately.
    If the contents which are searched exceed the setting number of display,
    it is not possible to display them. Please change the setting number when you want to make more contents displayed. However, when the setting number is increased, it takes time to update displaying. (Default setting is 1000. )
    The categorized contents cannot be searched.
    Searched contents at search mode can be refined by search refinement .
    But please note that the contents displayed by 'Categories' cannot be searched by 'Search'.
    The operation that can be done to an abnormal contents is depending on the content.
    The operation that can be done to abnormal metadata limited.
    It is not assured that P2 products can always handle the normal clips judged by this application though it is made to recognize with the indicator for an abnormal contents.
    If the clip is made by Edit Copy Function on P2 products, the timecode display on the view area and timeline scale might not be updated properly, when the clip has discontinuous time code in the contents.
Please refer to the user guide or help for details.
English User Guide Download
Chinese User Guide Download


  • The drivers for the P2 Card, P2 Camera Recorder, P2 Deck, P2 Drive, etc., must be installed on your PC before installing P2 Contents Management Software.
    These drivers are included with the P2 products,and latest version can be downloaded from website.

    Please click here to download latest P2 driver software for Mac.
    Please use it after newly making the data base when it is installed from the other language version by the update.

    • P2 Contents Management Software for Mac (Ver.1.4.10)
    • P2 CMS for Mac(ver.1.4.10) supports Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion'.
      • DPX Conversion Plugin for Mac (Ver 1.25/ 1.26)

        This Panasonic DPX Conversion Plugin enables users to convert DPX file AVC-Intra100 format clips.
        P2 Contents Management Software (Ver.1.3 or later) requied. Installation describes in User Guide of P2 Contents Management Software.
      • AVC-Intra Decoder for Mac (Ver 1.5)