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Download Archibald For Mac 3.6.1

One of the big problems with synthesizers is that all sound effects are repeated with the same intensity, when in reality a human musician would never play the same note in the same way twice.
Archibald tries to avoid this side effect by using an algorithm that randomly changes the intensity of each sound, so that the music that you create with this app doesn't sound so obviously synthesized.
And, it comes with tons of features, like the ability to create your own sounds, whether they're recorded from audio or synthesized. There is a 45Mb sound bank, and registered users can download another one with 217Mb for free.
The powerful mixing window allows you to export your music for stereo or multichannel, and the Creator will construct rhythmic sequences to make creating hooks more manageable.
You can also use Archibald in real time while you're playing thanks to the Live function, which allows you to use your keyboard or a pedal to generate sound effects.
There's no doubt that this is a powerful application capable of doing a great job imitating real instruments. Its powerful sound bank mixed with the fact that you can add your own opens up a world of possibilities.

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